Bhadaiya kund, Shivpuri

Bhadaiya Kund is one of the few places that live up to the curative powers associated with the natural spring. The tourist village is a Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation venture to provide clean and safe hotels for tourists who visit Madhya Pradesh.
Located 112 kilometers from Gwalior, the tourist village is an ideal stop over for itineraries covering central India. Bhadaiya Kund, a scenic area with a natural spring is not very far from Shivpuri. While picnic areas are a dime a dozen in the rich landscape of Shivpuri, the Bhadaiya Kund has some properties that set it apart from the rest.
The natural spring at Bhadaiya Kund is known to have a high mineral content. Ancient beliefs and many medical spas today use water and clay from natural springs as they are believed to have therapeutic qualities. The waters of Bhadaiya Kund are also believed to have therapeutic powers. The monsoon season is the best time to visit, when the waters are especially full and a soothing sight to city weary eyes.

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