Survaya Garhi - Shivpuri - Old Heritage

In this beautiful place, in between the lap of nature lies a Historical Monument - Survaya Garhi. This was one place which we missed last time. Garhi in English means Fort. But the place is a 10th Century Hindu Monastery. A fort like structure was created around it for protection. It is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India and whole place was dug out in an excavation.

Survaya Fort

Survaya Garhi is about 20 kms from main Shivpuri Town on Jhansi Road and lies in between Survaya Village. From outside the place looks like a fortress. The place has 3 temples and a huge Auditorium. It is said that this place was a boarding school and was also used by saints for meditation. The Hostel (few call it Auditorium) is a double story complex with a underground water source. Two temples now do not have and deity or idol in it, but one temple still has Shivling in it. The architecture in the temples is very beautiful as can be seen in the photos below.

Main Gate (Entrance) 
Old Well

Internal Wall

 An View of the Main Compound. Two Temples are visible here.
  Auditorium or Hostel

Temple Number two
An view of the Entrance from inside the compound

     Temple Number 3
  Inside the Auditorium
  Inside the Auditorium
 Inside the Auditorium

The archaeological survey have done a splendid job to restore and maintain the place. It is clean and restoration work has been very minutely. The architecture on the temple walls can be seen in pictures below:

A Big Grinding Stone
Remains of Pillar
Close up of Pillars
Another View

Though these temples are small, but the grandeur of Ancient Indian Architecture can be easily seen below:
An Image on the Pillar 

Design on Roof

    Temple with Shivlingam in it

   Ancient Engineering Marvel

Pillar with Beautiful Architecture

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