Sultan Garh waterfalls

he Sultan Garh waterfalls are located in the
Shivpuri district of the central Indian state of
Madhya Pradesh.

They can be spotted at a
distance of 50 kilometers from the district.

Garh falls are a natural cascade set in between
rocky terrain.

The river Parvati creates these
beautiful falls in Shivpuri.

The ideal time to visit
these falls is in the post monsoon months of
October to March.

Both the locals and tourists are
found by this fall with their picnic baskets, relaxing
in the lap of nature, with friends and family.

area is surrounded by lush green forests, which
add to the splendor of the Sultan Garh Falls.

Weekend Getaway

The experience at the Sultan Garh Falls can be
very soothing and rejuvenating for the visitor.

It is
an ideal weekend getaway for the natives of MP

The hotels available for tourist
accommodation near the Sultan Garh Falls are
Tourist Village, Son Chiraiya, Delhi Hotel, Tarun
Residency and Sanskar Residency. The nearest
railway station to the falls is Jhansi , at a distance
of 92 kilometers.

One can include other attractions of Shivpuri on
the trip to Sultan Garh falls viz. Madhav Vilas
Palace, Madhav National Park, Jungle Safari, Karera
Bird Sanctuary, Sakhya Sagar Lake and Boat Club,
George Castle, Mahua Shiva Temple, Chhatris,
Survaya ki Garhi, Mohini Pick up Wear, Panihar,
Banganga, Narwar Fort, Siddheshwar Temple,
Bhadiya Kund, Pachrai, Tatya Tope Memorial, Pawa
waterfalls, Bhoora Khon waterfalls, Son Chiriya Bird
Sanctuary, Khokhai Math and the District Museum.

Some of the important visitor’s attractions of the
district have been explained in detail below:

Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is located in the Vindhyan
range of mountains. It covers an area of 355
square kilometers. One of the oldest National Parks
in India; it was established in the year 1958.
Sakhya Lake and Madhav Sagar Lake flow through
the vicinity of the Park. One can spot the wildlife of
the Park, especially the migratory waterfowls, by
the lake side.
Karera Bird Sanctuary
This bird sanctuary is located at a distance of 55
kilometers from Shivpuri district. Indian Bustard is
the highlight of the Sanctuary. The Dihaita Jheel is
the water resource of the Sanctuary and the
sighting spot for the birds.
Mahua Shiva Temple
This Lord Shiva temple dates back to the 7 to
8 Centuries and receives a lot of devotees.
Picnic in the rains!
The River Parvati is at its natural best, plunging
with water and hitting strongly at the vertical rock
surface. One can enjoy photography up close with
nature and capture the little details of the
wilderness, surrounding the region. In short,
Sultan Garh Falls and the adjoining area is a feast
to the eyes of a nature lover! The sunrise and the
sunset are particularly enjoyed by the visitors to
this fall, with the sun filling the horizon with its
vivid colors. The hills in and around the Shivpuri
district have given rise to several beautiful
cascades, not to be missed!

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