List of Others Tourist Place in shivpuri

List of Others Tourist Place :

  • Siddheshwar Temple : The Siddheshwar temple is one of the oldest temples, devoted to Lord Vishnu.

  • Karera Bird Sanctuary : 55km from city.

  • Son Chiriya Bird Sanctuary : 20km away from city.

  • Banganga : Banganga is an old temple in district, which is well-known for its 52 holy kunds.

  • Narwar Fort : 41km away from city.

  • Shivpuri District Museum

  • Panihar : 20km from Shivpuri.

  • Pachrai : Pachrai is a famed town in the District which is well thought-out to be one of the main Jain centres in Madhya Pradesh. There are around 28 temples in this village.

  • Tatya Tope Memorial : The Tatya Tope monument was built to honor the Indian freedom fighter Tatya Tope. Where he was killed by the British, The statue of Tatya Tope is constructed at the place.

  • Shri Shantinath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra : It is considered to be over 800 years old and is positioned in the city of Sesai.

  • Khokhai Math of Rannod : The Khokhai Math of Rannod, about 65 km from city, is situated surrounded by a dense jungle. It is an earliest holy centre, devoted to Lord Shiva.

  • Survaya ki Garhi : 20 km away from Shivpuri and is famous for an ancient Lord Shiva temple and a water resource.

  • Pawa Waterfalls : 40km from city.

  • Bhoora Khon Waterfall

  • Terahi Temple : Dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Mahua Shiva Temple

  • Mohini Pik Up Wear : famous picnic spot situated 50km from shivpuri.

  • Shri Pachrai Teerth : Shri Pachrai Teerth is situated in Pachrai and is dedicated to Bhagwan Sheetalnath.

  • Sultan Garh Falls : Picnic spot.

How to Getting there:-
By Air: The nearest airports are at Gwalior (115 km), Gwalior is connected with regular flights from Delhi, Bhopal and Indore.
By Train : Nearest railheads are at Jhansi (101 km) and Gwalior (115 km) which are on the Delhi- Chennai main lines.
By Road : Shivpuri is connected by regular bus services with Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore, Jhansi and Ujjain.

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